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Tanzania Agroforestry Initiative Company LTD (TAI Co. LTD) is majority owned by ELCT-Eastern and Coastal Diocese. The Company is a plantation and wood product based in Kibiti, Rufiji District-Coastal, Tanzania. It is planting trees to generate carbon offsets, to manufacture wood products and for the generation of renewable bio-energy. It was incorporated as a new company in the year 2015. The company’s carbon offset projects include afforestation and wood product projects. The Company has established more than 220 hactares of forests, in its forest plantations namely Mtawanya, Kisanga and Kurui.

About us
Tanzania Agroforestry Initiatives Company LTD was
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Contribute to eradication of hunger, poverty and ensuring environmental sustainability.
To ensure the society of Tanzania is free from hunger and poverty through promotion of environmental friendly practices in agriculture…Read More

Managing Director's of TAI

Tree species already planted are Tectona  grandis 46, 662 trees and Eucalyptus grandis 35, 552 trees, the total is 82, 214 trees.,
In 2014 7,217 893 trees were planted,